Crafting leather goods is not just a skill - it’s an art.

Craftsman and owner Yone started leatherwork nearly twenty years ago in Tokyo, Japan. A former guitarist, he started working with leather as a hobby, but it slowly became a passion. Leather is now the canvas of choice for Yone’s creativity (although he still jams on his guitars from time to time).

"I choose leather because it naturally changes with a person. Products may look the same at the beginning, but once a piece belongs to someone, it begins to share the journey with its owner. Each piece ends up telling a story - no other material can do that.”

Some have called him a modern-day renaissance man because of his ability to master and blend different styles of leatherwork ranging from traditional Japanese and Western styles to European luxury. A firm believer that handmade produces better quality goods, Yone obsesses his craft resulting in artisan products that have explicit attention to detail, sophisticated aesthetic, and a customized experience.

"I strive to create perfect leather goods that combine flawless execution, balanced form and function, and beautiful design fully knowing that they become a part of people’s lives."

Born in Japan. Made in the U.S.A.

YONEZAWA LEATHER products are all exclusively made in Portland, Oregon. Each leather and material used are respectfully hand-selected from local and international leather suppliers in the U.S., Europe, and Japan to guarantee quality, durability and considered manufacturing. Each Yonezawa Leather product is thoughtfully made from start to finish - the leather is cut, carved, dyed, and sewn all by hand - embodying true craftsmanship and authenticity.